Poem for Newborns

Change me
Feed me

Its 1 A.M.
I want to play
Let's don't waste
This precious day

Pick me up
Put me down
Turn me over
Walk me around

Its 5 A.M.
I'm wide awake
Why aren't you up
For heavens sake

Gee, mom and dad
Why so slow?
Me, I'm ready
To go, go, go

Put me in my
Breakfast seat
So I can throw

What's there to eat

Eating food
I know all about
You put it in
I spit it out

Its time to play
I throw it down
You pick it up

Now give me a bath
So I can see
If I can drench
Both you and me

Lunch time!
Time to eat
The trouble is
I'm fast asleep

O.K. mom
I'm through my snooze
Now what's your plan
To keep me amused?

Here's a game
That you can't win
You change my diaper
And I wet again

Daddy's home
"Sit on my lap"
But I've decided
To take my nap

Its 10 P.M.
Bed time you say
But now's the time
I want to play

I'm really bored
What shall I do?
I guess I'll have
To start anew

Change me
Feed me